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    The idea of Saorsa Acres began when my father, brother and I took my son and nephew to a local public gun range where we witnessed another shooter with an AK-47 with no sights, shooting from the hip and pulling the trigger as fast as possible. Feeling unsafe, (which is pretty hard to do after spending a career on military and LE ranges)  I approached the range master only to be told that as long as his rounds were hitting the berm, the range rules did not allow this shooter to be kicked off the range. I never expected my wife to say yes when I pitched her the idea about building a range and gun club, but with her support we are opening and planning a quick expansion. 

    While planning our range, I thought about all the ranges that I've shot on over the years, Law Enforcement, Military and Civilian, and our aim is to provide the most user friendly range possible. 


  • Ample parking and space between ranges so those that choose to run and gun are not interfering with those who are working on long range precision. 

  •  Targets will be safe while offering sufficient challenge for shooters of varying experience. 

  • Training will be  realistic and prepare you for real world applications without overwhelming those new to the defensive application of firearms. 

    We are here to be a resource for all of your recreational and defensive firearm needs. 

Memberships will be limited. Join early and grow with us! 

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