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800 Yard Rifle Range

 800 yard Precision Rifle Range is open. Range  features 14 lanes with known distance targets. Ten of the lanes, are equipped with Shot Marker Electronic Targets and 4 lanes have  steel plates from 100-800 yards with varying sizes from 5 MOA to 1 MOA.

Coming soon

    We are planning to start construction on our 300 yard rifle range. Estimated to be complete early spring.

    This range will allow rifle shooters to zero in hunting rifles, engage multiple steel targets and we have plans to host .22 PRS/NRL on this range.

Coming Late 2023

Pistol Ranges

50 yard static pistol range designed for bullseye and target shooting along with at least 2 pistol bays set up for running and gunning 3 gun match style!

Unknown Distance Range

Construction to begin after pistol ranges are complete. Range will be up to 700 yards, but the steel targets will be moved around every few weeks at odd distances.

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