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Members Only:

    All members will be properly vetted to shoot on each range. No worrying or looking over your shoulder wondering if the other folks on the range are capable of safely shooting on the range they are on


    Feel free to bring your own, but it is not necessary. Call the day before and let us know what your goals are for your range day and the targets will be set up before your arrival


    LabRadar is available to track your velocities and a weather station on the firing line means that you will never have to look up wind, temperature, humidity, etc. Real time data on the firing line at all times. 


    Targets set up prior to your arrival and set up with Shot Marker Electronic Targets, so no need to work the pits. 

Type 7 FFL:

    We have the ability to deal and manufacture firearms and suppressors for our members. Members will receive 20% discount on FFL transfers and the best price in the area for firearms, ammunition and reloading supplies. 


    We are the only long distance range located in the middle of everything. Roughly 40 minutes north of Covington; hour and half from New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Mississippi Gulf Coast; 1 hour from Hattiesburg. 

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