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Services are offered to the general public on a first come first serve basis. Members receive priority service and a discount

Services offered: 


  • Type 7 Manufacturer/Dealer FFL

    Former LE/MIL Armorer on site. $40/hour for non members; $30/hour for members. Parts additional; 1 hour minimum charge

  • Rifle Zero

    Need a tune up for hunting season? We check all scope mounts for proper torque specs/mount new scope and zero the rifle for the ammo you plan to use (Customer rifle and ammo required)

  • Trued Data Card

    Includes: Check torque specs of rifle, mounts and rings; Zero rifle at your specified distance; Chronograph your rifle with your ammo; True data to 500 yards. Data card includes: Ballistic Coefficient G1 and G7; Scope height; Muzzle Velocity; Standard Deviation; Elevation drop out to 600 yards in inches, mils and moa; Velocity out to 600 yards; Ft lb of energy to 600 yards

  • Custom Rifle Builds

    Currently offering AR builds both precision and tactical. Contact us for options and pricing. Bolt Action Precision Builds coming in 2023

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